Finally, Higher Education Football Has a Play-off Program!


Well. So, however, we have to live with all the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) to get only two more years, but football faculties will soon adopt a four-team play-off system through the beginning of the 2014 period and we will get it before the end of the 20-25 season. It is very good information for lovers of college football. We always want the play off platform for some time now and around June 26 the NCAA decided to institutionalize the playoff system. The play-off system will be much different compared to most other play-off games in the NCAA. This play off system might have four teams and might be chosen by the selection committee instead of polling or other standing methods. The selection committee can choose four teams based on program intensity, win-lose notes, blowing effects, and also whether the current workforce is the winner of the seminar. The selection committee can add two criteria to assess the group that has not been confirmed. It is likely that the other two criteria will be based on the labor status and summit associated with it บ้านผลบอล.

We went down to the new logistics system. Where will the playoff game be played? Will they really be the old BCS bowl game? This is a question that I asked myself when I heard about a new computing system and also the answers to two questions continue to be quite clear. The championship match will be played by “Championship Monday,” which will be held on the first Monday in January. The tournament match will soon be rewarded with the highest bidder played on that website which will be neutral. The semi-final match really became a confusing place because NCCA never replied to anything along with those games. The games are likely to be similar to the BCS bowl match and broadcast through six specified internet sites depending on which particular conventions enjoy each other, even though the site has not been fully approved but also the NCAA. However, they will almost certainly be the internet site of the four main dishes that now include the BCS and two sites.

This film is recommended and very desirable. There are many college football fans crying to play play off for years and now they finally got it. Being a diligent soccer fan, I am very happy to hear the facts too, but the main reason for this program is not fully regulated because of cash problems. BCS does a good job of sharing revenue between conferences and teams along with allowing fans to know what dishes will be played by our favorite team soon, now we don’t know where they will soon play. In addition, we have committees that are biased for those who choose the 4 best groups. I can honestly say that I prefer to rank a computer system to choose the top 4 teams rather than a group of older men who sit in a room that refers to good times. This, in my own opinion, is the only system weakness. But I will be sure that after football starts and the play off process is in full effect, we will be much happier with this than BCS.

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